Being an effective manager in the public sector – a masterclass in leadership

leadership masterclass
26.10.2023 – 15:00 – 17:00

Join Lisa Gill, coach at Tuff Leadership Training, for this hands-on masterclass about how we can view leadership and organisational culture in a totally different way. You will discover what mindset and skills you as a leader can use in order to unleash your colleagues’ and teams’ potential.

In this 2-hour session, we will look at the shift that’s happening in terms of leadership and the piece that’s often missing when we think about adapting our organisations for the challenges we face today in the public sector. Then you will try out a type of conversation designed to break the ‘hierarchical dynamic’ between leaders and employees in order to spark new levels of responsibility and ownership.

Through a mix of input, interactive discussion and hands-on practice in breakout rooms, we’ll explore questions like:

  • What are the mindset and skillset shifts needed for leaders to be effective today?
  • What core abilities do leaders need to unlearn, learn and relearn if we want individuals and teams to be more responsible, innovative and engaged?
  • How can we as leaders become more confident at having so-called ‘difficult conversations’ without becoming ‘top-down’?

Lisa Gill is a coach and trainer with Tuff Leadership Training and was included in the Thinkers50 Radar 2020 for her work with self-managing teams. Lisa is also the host of the Leadermorphosis podcast for which she has interviewed 80+ future of work pioneers, and the author of 'Moose Heads on the Table: Stories About Self-Managing Organisations from Sweden' (2020).