staatskantine #56: Do we need a Ministry of Supply Chains?

staatskantine #56
17.11.2022 – 12:00 – 13:15

The past few years have conclusively shown that we cannot govern on autopilot anymore. Energy prices are soaring, supply chains are creaking, worries about ‘digital sovereignty’ are compounding, and concerns about competitiveness are on the rise.

There is a great deal of talk about these issues, which is unsurprising given what’s at stake. But much of the debate remains muddled and confused.  So how might we think clearly and systematically about those challenges and the strategic options available to governments?

In all of these debates Simon Wardley has consistently been one of the most thoughtful voices. Simon is a leading thinker and practitioner of strategy and organizational design. He is also a former CEO and advises governments on strategy, organisation, and leadership.

In this staatskantine session, Simon will share the basics, and thinking behind, Wardley Mapping, a deceptively simple way of analyzing the landscape around us and figuring out what might happen next.