staatskantine #35: How to be a public entrepreneur in 2020

Flyer staatskantine #35
05.11.2020 – 12:00 - 13:15
Zoom (Virtual Event)

2020 has redefined the role of the civil servant and much innovation has been necessitated by the pandemic. Public perception and internal demands have altered. Is the role of public servants changing? What does it mean to be a public entrepreneur and innovate for the public good?

At this staatskantine event Rowan Conway from UCL’s Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP) offered insights into the skills civil servants need now and how they may evolve as future challenges emerge.

The event took place, as usual, on the first Thursday of the month, on November 5th, 2020, from 12 to 1.15pm. Registered attendees were sent a Zoom link in advance.

The event was aimed at public sector employees. Guests bring their own lunch, we provide a speaker with interesting points of view and space for a lively conversation. To ensure an engaging debate places are limited.

Rowan Conway leads the Mission Oriented Innovation Network (MOIN) at UCL’s Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP). MOIN brings together leading global policy-making institutions – including state investment banks, innovation agencies, cities and government departments to share the challenges and opportunities they face when trying to create and nurture public value.

Prior to joining UCL, Rowan was Director of Innovation at the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) where she set up the RSA Lab. Prior to that she has 15 years’ experience leading a wide range of design and engagement processes, notably the community participation in the design process for London 2012 Olympic Park. She holds an MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice from the University of Bath and is a PhD Candidate at IIPP.