Public Administration of the Future

Darstellung der sieben Thesen für die öffentliche Verwaltung der Zukunft

Public administrations are often confronted with complex societal challenges that are difficult to tackle with traditional organizational structures and approaches. For public administration and the state to continue serving society, they must change. But how?

Over the past five years, we have asked this question in countless conversations with employees and managers of public administrations at all levels of governance in Switzerland. From their answers, as well as from our own experiences working on innovation projects with state entities, we have distilled seven "theses" about the public administration of the future (available here as a PDF).

The public administration of the future: 

  • shows courage and ambition 
  • works openly and visibly 
  • learns and is adaptable
  • makes difficult decisions
  • is willing to be shaped by its environment 
  • shows empathy and puts people's needs at the center 
  • is inspired by the skills of its employees

These seven theses outline a future-oriented public administration. We hope that, without claiming to be complete or definitive, the seven theses can serve as a food for thought and basis for discussion for committed advocates of reform in the public administration. 

We have already received many encouraging, critical yet constructive, and thought-provoking responses to the theses. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and reactions (for example, via email to

In many staff kitchens and individual offices across administrative units, the seven theses are already displayed in A3 poster format, serving as a mix of inspiration, reminder and provocation. Would you like one too? Then write to us via this form. We will send you a free poster and are excited if the seven theses also inspire lively discussions about the administration of the future in your offices.