Training Courses

In a rapidly changing world, it is crucial that the public administration keeps pace with the times. To tackle the challenges of tomorrow, dedicated employees equipped with the right skills are needed. Our training courses provide you with exactly those innovation skills that will help you and your administrative unit remain innovative and effective in the future. 

Our current training offerings

  • Design Thinking: Learn how to develop user-centered innovative solutions and approach complex problems creatively.
  • Decision Making: Discover alternative forms of decision making beyond consensus and top-down approaches that lead to better results and increase acceptance.
  • Objectives and Key Results (OKR): Pursue overarching goals coherently with other teams and organizational units and implement strategies using measurable key results.
  • Liberating Structures: Design effective meetings and workshops with simple but powerful interaction formats designed to harness the collective intelligence of a group.
  • Wardley Mapping: Collaboratively develop strategies, anticipate future developments, and gain an overview of your environment using a visual map.

You can find the current dates for our training courses here.


Team Building and Customized In-House Training

We also offer our training courses for teams and administrative units. Together, you acquire new skills while simultaneously strengthening team cohesion. We are happy to come directly to your administrative unit and adapt the content to your specific needs.

Simply contact us via or by phone at +41 31 539 18 59 – we will be glad to advise you on the possibilities for your team!