Working in the open – A masterclass in agile government communication

Giles Turnbull Masterclass on agile government communication
10.11.2022 – 15:00 – 17:00
Online (Zoom)

Join Giles Turnbull, author of “the agile comms handbook”, for an introduction to techniques and ideas that will help your public administration open up about its work. The more you open up, the better people will understand you.

  • Date and time: 3-5pm Switzerland on Thursday, 10 November 2022
  • Location: Online
  • Fee: CHF 85 (incl. VAT)

In this 2-hour session, we will look at some of the basic theory, and Giles will share some practical tips to help you make it real. Attendance to this masterclass is limited to no more than 25 individuals.

We’ll look for answers to questions like:

  • How does working in the open work in government?
  • How do you share your work with the outside world?
  • How do you decide what to share?
  • How do you get buy-in for doing it?
  • What are the benefits?
  • How do I convince my boss that it’s a good idea?

Giles Turnbull is the founder of Use the human voice, and author of The agile comms handbook. A former member of the UK Government Digital Service's influential creative team, Giles has also worked for a number of government departments, local authorities, charities and global non-profits as well as many private sector clients.

The masterclass is now fully booked and registrations are closed. Thanks a lot for your interest in this event. If you'd like to participate in a future edition of the masterclass, please let us know.